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Guitar Chords and Scales

The Chords & Scales is a windows software tool designed for musicians and guitarists
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6 October 2008

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If you’re one of those connoisseurs of music who keep on exploring ways to better your guitar skills then you should definitely check out the remarkable Guitar Chords and Scales 1.1. Well, guitar is a bit tricky instrument, which requires proper guidance and sound practicing. Professional guitar trainers used to charge a lot for teaching the skills. But, now you need not to pay heavily for learning to play with guitar fretboard, as it can be easily learned right at your own PC thanks to Guitar Chords and Scales 1.1 application. It helps you to get expertise in Scales, Chords, Modes and Arpeggios. The graphical user interface and the rich feature-set of the application make it easy for the musicians to grab the variations, scales, patterns, and thereby helps in improvising your ideas. In addition, the application boasts of interactive Help manual that gives the required information about the program and its functions in an intriguing manner.

Guitar Chords and Scales 1.1 application comes loaded with the capability to give the best possible knowledge about the different aspects that help in learning the guitar fretboard. The application provides different keys and options to form and play the chord and notes. With the Key bar you can choose the music key and the Tool bar displays the long pay, play, stop, switch, etc features to check the formed music. You’re provided 63 types of chords and arpeggios, and 83 types of scales and each scale’s modal variations to select from. Chords+ page presents how chords are being generated. It’s easy to alter the arpeggios through addition and removal of notes, and this feature is very helpful for the beginners in memorizing the fretboard. You can make the selection of the scale and view the equivalent scales and the chords possible to be derived from scales. There are also features available to find the chord and scales, and even you can do much more.

The Guitar Chords and Scales 1.1 application encompasses various attributes that makes fretboard learning simple and an easy affair. A score of 4 rating points is assigned to the application, for its sophisticated feature-set and smooth functioning.

Publisher's description

The Chords & Scales is a windows software tool designed for musicians and
guitarists who want to quickly gain knowledge about the guitar fretboard.
Become a Master of Scales, Modes, Chords and Arpeggios with this fully interactive
Chords & Scales software!
Using any of its many features will really open your eyes to guitar fretboard and ears to music!
This tool is made by musician for musicians!
Guitar Chords and Scales
Guitar Chords and Scales
Version 1.1
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I don`t understood the manegement of software.
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